Winter Harvesting in 3 Goleta Schools!

Even in this crazy weather we have reaped what we sow!

Three local schools are eating their way through learning.

Brandon had an abundance of parsley this January and so 100 kids were exposed to something new: Quinoa Tabouleh salad. We harvested and de-stemmed parsley and our mint, minced it and added lemon and olive oil and salt to our ancient non-gluten grain, Yum!

At La Patera School the 4th and 2nd graders made salad, harvesting fresh lettuce, chives, parsley and one radish. We ripped it, dressed it and enjoyed it!

El Camino, my newest school, harvested their very first veggie; a 2 2/3 lb cabbage.

We did the math and everyone could enjoy  1 1/2 oz of slaw.

We used our outdoor sink as well!


La Patera in the News

Hi all,

We had a wonderful lesson at La Patera and the teacher suggessted we write it up and send photos to the local papers…

Within 2 hours we were posted on Noozhawk via twitter and within minutes of sending to SB Newspress I got a response they loved it

and will add it to the “How does your garden grow” section soon. It was that easy and fast, Isuggest you try it as well..

Here it is ..

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Salve to the rescue!

Here is an  example of how I shared the knowledge gained in the Herb Workshop part 2
to educate and inspire my peers … it was so easy and exciting to pull the newly created salve out of my purse…

Last night, after the meeting, I went to meet some friends and  I shared the salve I made, then a friend who had some skin issue near her fingernails was thrilled to try it, the salve wasn’t hours old and got put into good use!

Home grown food is inspiring healthy eaters!!

I got a phone call  at my home from a  Brandon mom of one of my 5th graders…

“I am so happy to see her turn this dietary corner!!” she said.

This mom was so excited her picky eater wanted to make Cole Slaw at home after preparing it and eating  it in our garden class. I shared my recipe with her and that of the Bruschetta as well.

And to top it off she has offered to volunteer in my class and let me borrow her electric skillet to boot!

School Gardens is successful at all levels, building healthy eaters and community!

Cabbage Slaw for 80!

We grew a prize cabbage bigger than a basketball!

We had a great time weighing and and calculating how many ounces per student a 8 1/2lb cabbage would feed.
We then paired it with a purple cabbage and chopped and shredded and then fed 80 students about 2 ounces each.
Yum Fun!

Brandon Initiates Cafeteria Composting


Brandon School not only has a fabulous brand new “Native Plant Habitat” and “Organic Garden” we also have initiated a “Cafeteria Composting” program.


After learning that only Santa Barbara schools  have access to a county compost program we decided to create our own.  With the thumbs up from the Principal and food service staff we created a plan and put it into action.
The 6th graders  took on the marketing piece after a lesson on the extensive landfills in the US.  A simple advertising and outreach campaign was launched. In groups, the students  created signs that were laminated and posted in the cafeteria. Some were geared to the younger kids with pictures on what to put in the compost bucket and others showed the detailed  cycle of composting. and lists of proper items to drop in the buckets.  Another group of students worked together on writing letters to the staff and teachers explaining the need for composting and how the students can fulfill the goal. The letters were passed out and the teachers read them to their students in each class.
The 6th graders are the ones who take the breakfast food scraps to the outdoor compost bin daily.  We also have straw to add to it when it needs it.
Everyone at Brandon is very proud of reducing the land fill and doing our part to sustain the earth and replenish our own garden soil with our home grown compost.