Master Gardeners

       The teachers at La Canada Elementary recently came up with a new way to reward students for excellence in reading comprehension. The students with a high number of AR points will be given the title of Master Gardener for a day. The Master Gardeners have a morning off from their regular class schedule and spend time in the garden with their Garden Educator. I was honored to have two of my former garden students win the first Master Gardener titles.

Elizabeth Twomey and Chelsea Berra shadowed and assisted me as I went about my day on February 5th. Their focus and resourcefulness were appreciated as we maneuvered two first and one second grade class through a bug and plant observation lesson that included pastel drawings. They had patience and a sense of humor with the younger children as they handed out art supplies and organized completed works of art.  Their previous skills in planting, properly spacing and watering new vegetable starts came in handy when they helped a fourth grade class fill beds with lettuce plants for the salad bar. The girls had a full day and I was truly proud of their maturity and poise with younger students. It won’t be long before I have more students joining me for the day in the garden.   One excited fifth grader announced, “Only fifty more points and I will be a Master Gardener!”


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