Holy Tomatoes!

We are celebrating the wonderful abundance of tomatoes this month at Open Alternative School. The warm summer and warmer fall have led to a most appreciated big harvest. The above board is in a central location where students, teachers and parents regularly check for information. After putting up the bare bones ‘harvest of the month’, the middle school students created artwork highlighting salsa inspired by theydrawandcook.com.

To further celebrate the tomato, we made salsa and bruschetta with grades 3-8. Everyone picked some ingredients; mostly tomatoes but also cilantro, onions, peppers and basil. The only thing we didn’t have was limes for squeezing on the salsa.

We talked about recipes, ratios, personal preference, local food and, of course, knife skills. No one got hurt and everyone ate a lot of salsa and bruschetta!

I look forward to making and eating more of both in the coming months.

Here’s a fun fact: The lycopene in tomatoes helps make our skin less sensitive to UV light damage.

Great news for us gardeners!


One thought on “Holy Tomatoes!

  1. Love it! Looks so mouth watering.

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