Lovely July

Wind moves the fig and purple sage, and sun light tickles everything it touches till it turns gold. Then there is a sound rarely heard in a school garden, save one magical time of the year, silence in summer. But while the laughing young students are off on their wild summertime adventures, there is much life still afoot in the garden. Cherry tomatoes are blushing like brides and sunflowers are batting their yellow petal eyelashes.

All this beauty is gone somewhat unseen but not uncared for. The heros of the summer; Ms.Goodman, Ms.Peus, Mr.Gorman, Ms.Fredrickson, Ms.Roman, Ms. Hultman and Miss Rafaela, have all offered their time and energy into seeing the garden thrive. So much thanks to you all, both from the garden and myself. May blessings and cherry tomatoes fall into your arms all summer.

~Miss Maggie


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