The Path of the Tomato

“Harding’s 2nd graders have the best Friday ever,”  their teachers love to tell me.  This is because each of the three classes rotates through 30 minute visits at the library, music, and the garden.  They get to check out new picture books, play the tambourine and hopefully get their hands a little dirty.

Back in December all of the 2nd grade classes had begun to learn about producers and consumers.  They would come to the garden and tell me that they knew that paper came from trees and that they were consumers at the grocery store.

On their Friday garden visit the 2nd graders traced the path of the tomato, from seed to plate, from farmer to trucker to grocery store attendant.  After following the tomato on its rather lengthy journey a group of students stood up in front of their classmates, donned the clothes of the various people involved in the tomatoes adventure and passed one of our last fresh Roma tomatoes down the production line.  Image



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