Leaf Rubbings

A few weeks ago I had a small group of kids in the garden ranging in ages from 1st grade to 7th grade. I was worried about doing an art project that would work for everyone. This activity was fabulous because the basics are easy.

Step one was pick some leaves with texture. I let everyone know that picking leaves off of any of our fruit trees was fine, but they should ask before picking anything else.

Step two was to put the leaf under a piece of white paper and rub over it with a crayon (or pencil, or oil pastel).

Step three was to add color to their rubbing with watercolors.

That’s it. And the results were beautiful. Some kids chose to arrange their leaves in a pattern. Some even made creatures out of different sized and shaped leaves. If a child finished one page, they could pick a different leaf and do another.  All of them spent quality time doing their best work to make unique and lovely creations.


Materials needed: clipboards or other hard surface. paper, leaves, crayons, watercolors, brushes, cups for water.


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