Garden Haikus

A few weeks ago I led a garden poetry class for my 2nd and 3rd graders at Summerland Elementary, and I was blown away with their haikus. It’s natural really 😉 The garden is a perfect place for inspiration. My favorite poet, Mary Oliver, writes almost exclusively about the natural world, but her subject is never just nature and it’s beauty, though that would be enough. She often uses the natural world as a lens through which to see the whole world, to examine our priorities and reflect on life.

Our school gardens serve much the same purpose. They are not merely beautiful, peaceful spaces, though they are that. They serve as forums to bring education to life and give it real world context, playgrounds for children to interact with the natural world, science labs where they can safely explore and experiment, and sanctuarys where they can escape the hectic playground and find beauty and peace.

It’s so very important that spaces like this be provided for children. These haikus speak to that so beautifully.

-Lanette Anderson

GEM at Summerland and Aliso Elementary


Plants are beautiful
Plants are life and love and change
Plants can be cool too   – Luke

Leaves are very cool
They make their food for the plant
Precious plants make food   – Cason

Spirit flowers grow
in a pace, position slow.
It is wonderful!   -Evan


One thought on “Garden Haikus

  1. Beautifully written, thanks for sharing, Lanette.

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