Garden Poetry

The Tomato

By Anthony


I see the red, plump tomato.

Ripe and ready to eat,

but no one picks it.


Why does no one pick you?


I picked you and bit into you.

I thought you were a tomato,

but you were a bell pepper!


You tasted like watermelon mixed with hot peppers.

Now you’ve been picked

and eaten

and are being digested

by my stomach acid.


2 thoughts on “Garden Poetry

  1. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing Emily. What grade or how old is this student? Which school does he attend?

    Happy Holidays

    • He’s 11 years old and goes to Brandon. We had just finished a 6-week series of Poets in the Classroom, and I had my class go into the garden and write object poems. The intent was that each student would share his poem with his 1st grade little buddy in order to teach them about the garden.

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