Stewardship Project

I have been working with a 6th grade class at La Canada School for two months now. They had been assigned by their teacher Ms. Wallace a project of maintaining a native garden by the school library. The bonus was that there were several vegetable beds adjacent  to the garden. The vegetable beds had not been used for over five years and I look forward to seeing them thriving again. Ms. Wallace’s class became hard workers once they felt connected with what they were doing. I named their project The Stewardship Project and I explained the importance and responsibility of maintaining the garden. We had two weekend work days. One work day was a success with lots of attendees and the other was not well attended. I have enjoyed the enthusiasm from this class that once seemed a bit rowdy and not always focused. Many of the students connected with the process of taking care of a natural environment. I think this is such a positive experience for children of this age on the verge of becoming young adults. To nurture and care for a living environment teaches them to care for themselves. My hope is that they will carry this experience of taking care of a school garden out into the world and make decisions that will support the care of the world community and earth.


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