Always Something to Do

La Honda Elementary students jump at the chance (every chance it seems) to work at their school garden! They wave from the hallways and periodically pop in during lunch, recess and after school dismissal. It’s impressive and a little bit daunting. How will we keep busy, focused and productive?

Then I remind myself or rather they remind me through discussion surrounding garden discoveries, that this is an educational garden. It is a work in progress and it is all about the process.

We can learn from everything we do here. We will plant starts of cauliflower, kale and lettuce and examine their different root structures from a “root view” box.

We will attempt to start from seed: spinach, radishes, beets, carrots and more lettuce while the birds hover nearby and the evening temperatures hover near freezing.

We will use our senses to identify garden weeds, pests, shapes, weather patterns and produce varieties.

We will ask friends, family members, teachers and garden supporters to share their time, resources and expertise.

We will request permission to invest more time in the garden because growing food is amazing and fun. And besides, what gardener ever leaves their land completely satisfied with the day’s work? Isn’t there always at least one more thing to do?


One thought on “Always Something to Do

  1. So true!

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