With Gratitude

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A few weeks ago I attended the Healing Herbs workshop with Lia Grippo. It was a lovely morning filled with information, stories, friends and wisdom. I took away a lot of great, useful knowledge that I have already  included in my school’s garden lessons. This particular lesson was about gratitude. Lia mentioned that when collecting from nature (or the garden-in this case we had harvested mint for tea) she gives thanks for what she takes. During the week of Thanksgiving (how appropriate), two classes who are big/little buddies (5/6th grade and 2/3rd grade) worked together to make mini works of art with words of thanks. They came up with their ‘thanks’ and painted a watercolor picture. The students then placed their art thoughtfully around the campus and garden. Every person, young or old, who has come across one of these works of thanks gets a warm fuzzy feeling and I’m sure it brightens their day. It sure did mine!


2 thoughts on “With Gratitude

  1. Good idea! That was very sweet.

  2. Wendy, That was great! Loved the slide show! Loved the kids grattitudeness pictures! kathi

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