Garden Club Pumpkins

The best part of the Garden Club at Mary Buren Elementary School is the kids! Last year I asked them if they wanted to do a garden club over the summer. The excitement was infectious. Several kids brought their parents to my table at open house to sign up. About 30 students signed up and about 15 students showed up on the first day of garden club.

Before we could  have a pumpkin project we needed seed and a place to plant them. Santa Maria Seed  generously donated seed. Marc DeBernardi ,the Santa Maria High School FFA teacher and some of his students came over to help rototill an area behind the classrooms at the school.  Unfortunately, the ground was too hard and not moist enough. Tyler, Marc’s nephew one of the FFA students said, “Let’s ask grandpa if we can borrow his tractor and get this done.”  The next week Tyler and his Grandpa (Ed DeBernardi)  showed up and they rototilled the area for the pumpkin patch.

Planting pumpkin seeds 

Pumpkin Patch Mary Buren

The Garden Club Pumpkin Project continued through the summer as about 8 or so kids consistently came every week through the summer to plant, transplant and water pumpkins. Then when school started they  had a pumpkin patch to weed. We had planted big and little pumpkins with the obstacles of weather(fog), weeds, racoons, golphers, and insects we hoped to end up with something to harvest…we did!

Pumpkin Display-Mary Buren4

Since the fall and Halloween were coming we decided to do a School Gardens display with our harvest. When I came back the next week the students had added their classroom artwork displays made with pumpkins of book characters.It was fabulous!

Pumpkin Display-Mary Buren

Pumpkin Display-Mary Buren2

Pumpkin Display-Mary Buren1


One thought on “Garden Club Pumpkins

  1. I really like the idea of displaying art and you pumpkins together!

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