Quotable Quotes From the Garden

Do you remember that TV show, “Kids Say The Darnedest Things”? Pretty basic premise, you give children a microphone and just wait for them to say something funny, which they inevitably will. Well I heard a lot of those precious musings from my students in the garden this year and the thing that struck me was not only their humor but also their wisdom. In fact often the very thing that made the quips funny at all was the fact that they were really wise words just spoken by seven year olds, people far too young we might think to make such astute observations or offer such sage advice.

So in this blog post, as I reflect upon a year gone by in our lovely gardens, I’d like share some of those wise and witty words with you. I hope you enjoy.

“They’re not going to hurt you if you eat them. They’ll just come out in your poop” – 1st grader at Aliso Elementary commenting on aphids on her kale.

“Wait, just a little more. We have to be patient.” One 1st grader to another as they sat waiting for some swallows in our garden to emerge from their nests. (They were soon rewarded for their patience)

My personal favorite-

A wild and wise 1st grader

“Everything is connected.” From a Kindergartner!!  After watching me step on a garden snail.

– Lanette Anderson

GEM at Aliso & Summerland Elementary


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