Reflections on Year 1 from Monroe

Although it may look like it, our garden isn’t exactly something to “whine” about.  We look forward to expanding our garden with several “real” garden boxes, fruit trees for shade, and a grape arbor (why not?)          

Tah-Dah Phase 1

“Garden Buddies”: Ms. Gascoign’s 4th grade and Mrs. Bowen’s Kindergarten, has been a wonderful way to establish a relationship with our Lead Teachers, our Garden Gem, and two classes of budding gardeners. From the filling of the barrels with soil to the second harvest, we learned, played, shared, and created food and friendships.  Our Garden Celebration Day will be on June 1st, with a picnic style lunch from our final harvest: potato salad, beet salad, chard & onion cracker spread, and ice cold herbal tea!  All accompanied by our own Monroe School alumni, Spencer the Gardener!
Our Gem, Zack, and Lead Teacher, Leslie

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