Salad: from seed to slugs to satisfaction!

The Bad news first: I have washed my camera along with my soiled garden clothes, unfortunately losing some amazing garden photos along with it. Please pray for my camera and memory card on behalf of the wonderful photos that should accompany this post!

The Great news! Last week, 3rd grade at La Canada Elementary worked together to harvest carrots, broccoli raab, and lettuce for a delicious salad that everyone enjoyed after school. Not only did all of these students help to plant the seeds for all of the ingredients, but also they monitored their growth over the winter weeks and helped them grow to maturity. When it came time to enjoy the harvest, they helped wash and de-slug the lettuce, and enthusiastically lined up after school for a tasty afternoon snack. It felt so good to serve such a fresh healthy salad and enjoy it together!

The Amazing news! Mrs. Daugherty’s class shared with me in the garden today that for their district assessment writing test, they have to practice writing “How-to” essays. So, inspired by our salad creation, they wrote about how to make a salad…From seed! They wrote about everything we did together in the preceding weeks: prepping the soil with worm compost, planting the seeds, caring for the garden by weeding and watering, how to harvest, how to clean, how to make the fresh orange juice dressing, and how to enjoy (the easy part!)

It’s really inspiring as a Garden Educator to see the classroom teachers take the lessons back with them, to connect the garden with the “standards,” and to enforce and integrate what we do outside to the skills they are learning every day. I can only imagine how thorough and informative their “How to make a Salad” essays must be, given how connected they were to the whole process. I cannot wait to get copies and read them, and of course share some of them here.



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