beautiful garden art & murals


The completed mural!

The rain and gusts prevented us from enjoying the garden this week at La Canada, however it provided me with an excellent opportunity for another of my favorite activities: arts & crafts.

While browsing the internet for mural ideas, I came across a great idea for a paper mural. I saw a woman who created a coral reef mural with all kinds of fish and sealife, and I thought it would be a great way to incorporate all the elements of the garden! I used the “fruit and veggie cards” and passed them out to 5 different classes of 3rd graders. Because there are so many different cards, all of the kids got their own fruit/veggie with none repeated. I had them study their card and the names of the plants in English and Spanish, and then I passed out all different colors of butcher paper and gave them some examples of how to construct their fruits/veggies. I made a tree to house the fruits that grow on trees, and then I had them label their creations with the names in English and Spanish and had them place them in on the mural. Check out their work!
I love the avocado, radicchio, corn, and cactus with prickly pear!


radichio, my other favorite!

Nopales (cactus) and Prickley Pear! My Favorite!

green onion/cebolla and grapes/uvas

close up of lychees and mandarins, lemon/limon

beans, potatoes, eggplant, rhubarb, raddish and worms!

Also, I have been planning a mural at La Honda since I stared working at the school. There is the perfect blank wall as a backdrop for the garden that faces the street and where all the students get picked up/dropped off. One day we brainstormed ideas at afterschool garden club, and decided upon incorporating the school’s mascot (the Dolphin) with a garden. Check out the prototype below! So cute! We will start painting once the rain stops!

La Honda Garden Mural proposal


2 thoughts on “beautiful garden art & murals

  1. Love this! What beautiful artwork! That is one lucky school.

  2. Good idea for a rainy day! The variety of vegetables is really wonderful on the mural. I’m sure the students enjoyed this activity.

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