Worm Love

Worm love.

A few weeks ago, students at both OAS and Adams spent some time learning about the decomposition cycle. The lesson was a lot of fun because after listening to me talk about FBI (fungus, bacteria, insects), organic matter, recycling and worm poop; all the kids were given a scoop of worm bin contents to sort through.

First graders investigating worm bin contents.

The kids all squealed, mostly in delight, when they found a worm (or cocoon or mite or beetle).

Fourth graders at OAS digging through worm bin contents.

They played worm bin bingo and looked at fact cards describing each critter found in the bin (except the mouse which made all the k/1’s scream like crazy).

Continuous flow worm bin created by Bill Palmisano.

This is one of four worm bins we have at OAS. They are brilliant because you cannot overwater the worms; water flows right through and the finished compost falls through as well. Bill is a fabulous resource for building and maintaining these.


4 thoughts on “Worm Love

  1. Cool, can you give me more info on the worm bingo game.

  2. Great photos! How do you play worm bin bingo? Thank you for sharing!

    • I have a bingo game sheet with all the critters on it. As they dig through the worm bin contents, they put a wood chip or something on the critter they have found. No prizes or anything for winning or finding them all, just something to keep them interested as they look. I’ll put a copy of it in the storage room.

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