Student Comments from the Garden

Some students toured the Charter School Garden today in preparation for the Garden Club Lunch Recess and Garden classes that begin next week. I asked them to write down a garden rule or write  what they love about the garden. Here are some of their comments (and their spelling!):

“I really like the apple trees”

“I like cherries. They are my favorite fruit. I hope the cherry’s grow soon!”

“No Jumping”

“I Love the zen garden. It is beutiful”

“I like all the food. Everyone did  a great job planting and fixing up the garden. Now the garden looks great. I think that when you work in the garden it should be a privilege or people should work in groups to get more things done. Over all, I think that the garden has come a long way.”

“Not to step on enything and hert anything”

“I like the grapes”

“The garden is awesome. I like to plant stuff”

“I like eating the strawberries!”

“Rules I know: No running. No Jumping. No sliding down the hills”

“Don’t step on any plants or flowers!”

“I’m excited for the strawberries!”

“Don’t jump down a hill because you could get hurt and you will smash the plants.”

“I can’t wait until the tomatoes are completely ready! They look so good! I also think the zen garden is a great idea.”

“I love the zen garden. Yummie strawberrys and grapes.”

“The flowers in the gorges garden”

“Do not run in the garden. I like the garden. It is butuful, I love it!

“Help protect the butterfly garden, and don’t step on the plants and flowers”

“Hi. I am new at the school but I think the garden will be so awesome! I think that if we all work together this will be the best year yet! Can’t wait to work in the garden! Go SYVCS!”

“I like the zen garden. It is very cool.”

“I like the zen garden because I can relaxes”

“Protek the gardin by taking care for the garten. Bild a greenhouse.”

“I like the food that they grow in the garden. It is yummy!”

“It looks fun. Don’t eat unless you are aloud”

“Do not run in the garden!”


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