Getting Started and Plans for the Future

Apart from the paperwork, transitioning into the schools has been a very smooth process. All four lead teachers are enthusiastic, and I even picked up a several extra classes.

The first day was a “get to know you” activity where the kids had a circle, walked around the garden while I pointed out some plants, had them sample raw kale, strawberries and purslane, played a guessing game, and wrote down what we need to do to improve and ready the garden.

Future plans for the gardens include wood paneling on the fences. This will serve as both a wind break and a mural space. I also shredded some weeds and will use wood chips for compost piles. The kids can save their banana peels and bury them in the compost, then come back to check on it periodically to observe the rate of decomposition.

This has been a great journey so far and I’m excited to see it through 🙂


One thought on “Getting Started and Plans for the Future

  1. Sounds like a great introduction to their garden. Cool to hear that they sampled kale and purslane! The decomposition exercise with the banana peels gives them a sense of involvement and ownership, great idea!

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